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Sluge reden med hvide centnergraeskar kolde fryse
Sluge reden med hvide centnergraeskar kolde fryse

Stormfugle reden tomater kolde fryse
Stormfugle reden tomater kolde fryse

Brun sukker ingefær te
Brun sukker ingefær te


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1. change. hand Sanitizer
1. each employee before entering the work area, wear professional uniforms, hats, protective shoes, keep hair, foreign bodies falling.
2. first enter the channel dust bath bath cleaner, hand Sanitizer, shoe wash pool, began to enter the work area.
3. the health protection function of layers of protection, forever for your food safety checks.

2. heat mix
1. This company to Taiwan food machinery factory order 304 grade stainless steel heating mixer boilers to ensure quality and safety.
2. Brown sugar into a mixing bowl furnace for heating.
3. pour dry mix of agricultural products.

3. moulding
1. This company to Taiwan food ware factory custom mold making food-grade silicone molds, attach $ report to ensure food safety.
2. into a mold cooling molding.
3. the company's wide range of products for customers to choose weight, OEM OEM.

4. drying
1. uses professional-level hot air circulation oven, make sure the black course, dry.

5. inspection/gold test machine
1. all products are metal detection machine-tested to ensure food safety and hygiene.
2. use Germany original Mesutronic metal food-specific tunnel detection machine.

6. packaging
1. packaging according to customer demand.
2. black candy bars single packaging and filling with nitrogen to ensure product quality, safety and health.
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