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Sluge reden med hvide centnergraeskar kolde fryse
Sluge reden med hvide centnergraeskar kolde fryse

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Stormfugle reden tomater kolde fryse

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Brun sukker ingefær te


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※ Please note that recent fraud group sneaky, caller posing as sellers or the Bank's customer service line said signing is installment one, this is the unlikely scam, please do not make any transfers and balance inquiries, be sure to be careful not to ignore the do not fall for it. Thank you

Shopping Process

2.Select the products to their shopping cart
3.Checkout order confirmation
4.Payment Options
5.Write data confirm
6.Complete the order
Ordering instructions
1. correctly completed order data:
Please carefully check the buy list of names, amounts, and enter the correct number and then fill out the other fields that are not filled, in order to ensure a successful transaction, and was sent to you by merchandise quickly and correctly, please carefully fill in the data, especially the recipient name, phone number, and mailing address.
2. Select the payment method:
Please finish ordering data please select method of payment: after you finally press the Confirm button to complete the transaction.
3.E-mail order list:
After you complete the order process, then approximately 2-5 minutes the shopping list to use the system to send an email to your specified email address, if you wait 24 hours and still not received please contact "customer service center" order confirmation.
E-Mail : f0953947979@gmail.com
TEL : +886-2-2904-6496  OEM:0956-397-979
Fax : +886-2-2904-9082

Time Service:Monday to Sunday, 24 hours service