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Sluge reden med hvide centnergraeskar kolde fryse
Sluge reden med hvide centnergraeskar kolde fryse

Stormfugle reden tomater kolde fryse
Stormfugle reden tomater kolde fryse

Brun sukker ingefær te
Brun sukker ingefær te


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View of commercially processed chemical fragrances and preservatives and overflowing brown sugar added foods, long term drinking harmful to human health, thus creating ideas of homemade brown sugar, by not adding any chemical flavors, additives and preservatives, to provide to the people drinking, to ensure people's health, and pass brown sugar drink health drink!
So Yu April 2012 established "spent Iraq flower food Corporation", uphold nontoxic harmless Brown sugar drink manufacturing purposes, in brown sugar drink market Shang can to this purposes marketing manufacturing, although short-term manufacturing cost and the price will faced market challenge, but sugar art company session Xu as brown sugar drink market of King products group for target, and expectations self, this is a conscience career, will its flourish, created more diverse of brown sugar drink, to benefit more of consumers, drink have relief drink of health, created beautiful health life new world.

Healthy, natural is the best choice
The experience accumulated over the years to do brown sugar, the creation of a "flower flowers health brown sugar".
Adhere to the pure quality
Want to make a good brown sugar products, the first Taiwan made high quality brown sugar, and insist on the use of natural ingredients, and finally through layers of checks of manual production, each block of brown sugar, we want to provide convenient and delicious good health eating.
Using local pure brown sugar, will not add coloring dye
We know that high quality brown sugar from this land. Taiwan sugar industry from the Netherlands occupied era after the Japanese occupation after occupation, sugar is Taiwan exports an important economic lifeline. Therefore, Taiwan, with its strategic location and good production environment, pure brown sugar is not produced quality, rich variety of primary nutrients.
Adhere to the manual production, strictly regulated, delicious is in the details
Brown sugar is made of natural ingredients, careful there's plenty of steps: rose one by one to pick, not black; the sweet-scented osmanthus carefully sieved, dried longan seeds, dates to go nuclear, ginger, ginseng, Hawthorn, au Orange, burdock ... Through the unfailing, layer upon layer of every hand-checks, we put our best ingredients cooked in brown sugar.
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