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Sluge reden med hvide centnergraeskar kolde fryse

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Hello dear members:
1. flower clothing does not have someone to call, check individual purchase data to you.
2. also will not require you to change ATM operations and pay by installments.
If an unknown person calls, if you received a similar phone call please do not provide any financial data, please dial the 165 anti-fraud hotline for enquiries.

A, cognition and acceptance of terms
If the Member is under the age of 20 minors, shall be members of the parents (or guardians) read, understand and agree to all of this agreement and subsequently revised after the change, register, use or continued use of the service. When members use or continued use of the website, is presumed members of the parents (or guardians) have read, understand and agree to accept all of this agreement and thereafter modified the change.
Second, members registration obligations
1. in order to be able to use this service, Member agrees to the following:
2. prompt for members of this service registry correct, up-to-date data, and are not to be registered as a member on behalf of the third party. Each Member can only register log in an account, do not repeat login.
• Maintain and update personal information in real time to ensure its accuracy, to get the best service.
• If the Member provides any error or false data, or does not provide data, or a lack of necessary data, or when there is a duplicate account, the station reserves the right without prior notice, we suspend or terminate member's account and refused to Member's use of the service, in whole or in part.
Three, this site privacy policy
1. on the Member's registration and other specific data according to this website "privacy policy" is to protect and regulate.

Four, member account, password and security
1.1. After completing the service's registration process, members will get a specific password and Member ID, maintain confidential password and account security, it is the Member's responsibility. Any entered in accordance with the provisions of Member ID and password with the login data is consistent, regardless of whether the person entered, shall be presumed to have been used by the Member, all actions carried out by the use of the password and account number, the Member should assume full responsibility.
2.2. Member agrees to the following:
3. Member's password or account has been stolen or any other security problems occur, members will immediately notify this site
• Completion of each online, end member account to use.
• Member account, password and membership benefits are for personal use only and may not be lent, transferred or shared with others.
• Password and account unauthorized use, misuse or other site can't identify whether I personally use cases, damages due to this addition is attributed to the subject matter of this site, this site will not be held responsible.
• This site knows if Member account password is being infringement available will immediately suspend the account of use (including the account transaction processing).
• When the members agreed to use Facebook account to login to use this service, the Facebook account passwords is handled by the Facebook Web site, this site and do not come into contact with the password, and each one can only bind to a Facebook account a member account login, and binding that cannot be modified after the first time.
• In terms of this site through login Facebook login account and password to use this service, the login account on behalf of the Member himself, user in using the service of any conduct, are considered to be members of, and the need to follow the terms of this member of the Convention. Members must be properly set up, maintain, and keep your Facebook password and account, including, but not limited to use of the service at the end of it time to log off of the service site and remove Facebook accounts.
• If leakage of your personal information, your password or payment data, and allows the use of third party opportunities, members must take full responsibility for acts of a third person. This site may at any time suspend or terminate the provision of this measure use Facebook account to login to use this service.
Five, protection of children and young people
To ensure the safety of children and young people use the network, and to avoid violation of privacy, the parents (or guardian) shall fulfill the following obligations: children under 12 years of age to use this service, should be full in the next company, aged 12 and under 18 year old teenagers also should consider whether or not to give consent before using this service.
VI users abide by the obligations and commitments
1. Member commitment not for any illegal purpose or in any unlawful use of the service, and promised to abide by the Republic of China's relevant laws and regulations and all international practice of using the Internet. Users other than members of the ROC, and agree to abide by the Decree of the country or region. Member agrees and guarantees must not use the service to engage in infringing rights or illegal behavior, including, but not limited to:
2. publish or transmit any defamatory, abusive, threatening, offensive, indecent, obscene, false, contrary to public order or good morals or illegal words, pictures, or any other form of archives
• Abuse or damage the site or reputation of others, privacy, trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights, patent rights and other intellectual property rights and other rights
• Breaches of the legal or contractual obligation of confidentiality
• Fraudulent use of the name of another person using this service
• Transmit or disseminate computer viruses
• Site without prior authorization of the business
• Publish, transmit, send spam, chain letters, illegal or site without permission of the multi level marketing information and advertising; or store any infringing intellectual property rights or violation of the law of data
• For other users of the service have a troubled and unhappy or a third person or of acts contrary to General Netiquette to scandalize
• Other inconsistent uses of this service provided by acts or has reasonable grounds to believe that this site is not appropriate behavior

Seven, changes in the services and send newsletter and EDM
1. Members agree that the scope of the services provided by the station, and this station depending on the business requirements and the actual situation, change, change or terminate the services or content, without notice to the individual members.
2. the members agree that the stand according to the actual implementation, to add to, modify or terminate activities related to, and choose the most suitable way to inform members.
3. the members agree that the stand does not regularly send a newsletter or product information (EDM) to the Member login email address account. When the Member receives the message expressed their rejection of marketing, this station will cease to send marketing messages.
Eight, service stop, interrupt
1. the site will be in reasonable technology and ways to maintain normal functioning of the systems and services. But when all of these conditions, this site has the right to stop, interrupt the provision of the service:
2. this website of electronic communications equipment when carrying out necessary maintenance and construction
• When there is a sudden malfunction of electronic communications equipment
• This website to apply for electronic communication services is stopped, unable to provide service
• Due to force majeure such as natural disasters or other factors not attributable to this site this website is unable to provide service
Nine, trading
1. when carrying out transactions using the service should be based on the confirmation number provided by this site and the price mechanism.
2. Members agree to use this service when ordering a product, notified the confirm the transaction on this site before the establishment of this site still does not accept the order or cancel the delivery of the right. Member after the notice in order to this site, the system will automatically send out notifications, but this notice is not an order confirmation notice, about trading establishment, or we will be informed separately. Subject goods if the order or service, the terms and conditions (including but not limited to, specifications, description, picture,) wrong, this station is still after the next two working days to reject the order.
3. Members who use the service to order products if any returns, cancelled orders, or any site deemed inappropriate as a result of this operation on the distress or harm, this site will be taken depending on the circumstances, refusal to deal, pause or cancel 7-11 happy delivery of payment, or permanently cancel the membership process. If members ordered of products if belongs to following case: (1) pre-order class commodity (2) commodity page displayed no inventory (3) must to dealer adjustable goods (4) turned by manufacturers shipping, for commodity trading characteristics of so, if commodity deficiency must, and or manufacturers due to cannot smooth supply led to orders cannot established Shi, this station will to most suitable way (to e-mail mainly, again auxiliary to phone, and post or fax,) told.
4. when carrying out transactions using the service, in accordance with the provisions of the consumer protection law to exercise their rights. Due to the trading practices of the Member terms of service satisfaction, should be interpreted for the benefit of consumers.
Ten, liability limitations and exclusions
1. the service offers various functions, are provided according to the functional status of the use of the site for its effectiveness, speed accuracy, completeness, reliability, security, and so on, are not responsible for any express or implied warranty.
2. This station does not guarantee this service of page, and server, and network domain, by transfer of e-mail or its content not contains computer viruses, harmful real; also not guarantee mail, and archives or data of transmission store are right correct not break and errors,, for the the mail, and archives or data transfer or store failed, and lost or errors, due to of damage, this station not negative compensation responsibility.
Third, protection of intellectual property rights
1. software or programs for use by this site, and all content on the site, including, but not limited to writings, pictures, archives, information, organization of data, website architecture, website images, Web design, are owned by this site or other right holders in accordance with its intellectual property, including, but not limited to trademarks, patents, copyrights, trade secrets and proprietary technology. No person shall without use, modify, reproduce, publicly broadcast, modify, disseminate, distribute, publish, restoration engineering, decompilation or reverse translation group. If the Member wishes to reference or reproduced in the aforementioned software, programs or Web site content, must obtain prior written consent of the site or the rights of other people. Respect for intellectual property rights is the obligation of the Member, if there is a violation, members should take liability for damages for this site (including but not limited to litigation costs and attorneys ' fees, and so on).
2. under the principle of respecting others ' intellectual property rights, members agree to use the services of this site, and does not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of the Act.
3. If the members are related to the infringement of, may suspend the service to all or part of this site, or simply cancel membership account ways of processing.
4. If there are violations of intellectual property rights infringement, please will the victims of infringement cases and contacts, and shall attach a true statement and legal statement of intellectual property rights, in the following ways: contact this site
(Please note! This limited use of mail, not of violations of the notification letters sent to this will not be accepted, Member of this site you have any questions please go to the customer service centre)
12, members of the site license
For members to upload, transmit, input or provide data, Member agrees to this website within a reasonable range of collection, processing, storage, transfer and use of such data, to provide user information or services, or for other membership statistics, or about acts of investigation or research, or for any legitimate use. If Members have no legal right to authorize others to use, modify, reproduce, publicly broadcast, modify, disseminate, distribute, publish some data and to transfer the aforementioned rights authorized third parties, do not arbitrarily the data upload, transmit, input or provided to this site. Any data members upload, transmit, input, or when you provide to this site, as Club members has allowed unconditional use of this site, modify, reproduce, publicly communicate, change, distribute, issue, publication of the data and to transfer the aforementioned rights authorize members has no objection. Members should also ensure the station use, modify, reproduce, publicly broadcast, change, dissemination, distribution, publish, delegate such data, does not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party, or should take liability for this site (including but not limited to litigation costs and attorneys ' fees, and so on).
13, special licensing considerations
For using this service by provides of network trading or activities, may must through House distribution or freight industry who began can completed goods (or gifts,) of distribution or back, so, members agreed and authorized this station have depending on the times network trading or activities of needs and the purpose, will by members by provides and for distribution by necessary of personal information (as recipient name, and distribution address, and even complex phone,), provides to House distribution freight industry who and the related tie of manufacturers, to Lee completed the times goods (or gifts,) of distribution, and back.
14, deny or terminate the Member's use
Members agreed that the station was based on consideration of the transaction, for any reason, including, but not limited to lack of use, or in violation of these terms of service expressly and in spirit, terminate member's password, account (or any part thereof) or the service (or any part thereof) or the service in any "Member" be removed and deleted. In addition, the members agreed to the event service (or any part thereof) be terminated, this site assumes no responsibility for members or any third person.
XV, the applicable law and competent court
The interpretation and application of the terms of service, as well as related to the terms of service or member between this site and disputes arising from the transactions or disputes, should be dealt with in accordance with the laws of the Republic of China and the Taiwan Taipei District Court for jurisdiction of the Court of first instance, but if otherwise imposed by the competent court of law, should be in accordance with its provisions.
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